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We bring years of experience to accomplish a client's objectives.  Our team will utilize expertise in commodity trading, marketing, business development, banking, risk analysis and mitigation, treasury, and other financial disciplines within LNG / CNG, renewable energy, thermal power, natural gas, propane, agriculture, water, and crude oil.
​Risk Assessment and Structuring


Quanto Capital Partners begins with a detailed analysis of your volumetric and price risks.  Volumetric risks include those related to unpredictable commodity supply and demand.  Additionally, industry specific risks will be identified and considered.  We utilize this knowledge along with our extensive databases, models, and counterparties to ensure your correlated and uncorrelated enterprise risks are identified, measured, and considered for mitigation.

Structures are developed in conjunction with a client's direction and seek to manage risks that are impactful and relevant to a client.  The ultimate package for risk mitigation is designed to fit a client's need to execute an investment structure, derivative, or insurance product.  With each structure developed, minimizing cost of execution and assuring investor acceptance is focused upon.  Quanto Capital Partners is NOT limited with whom it seeks its risk off-take structures.


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Sourcing Capital Investors


We have preferred access to some of the largest private equity and infrastructure investment firms in the United States that specifically seek investments with our risk hedges utilized.  We also work closely with other financial intermediaries who seek certain asset investments, including hedge funds and banks, all of which ensure you utilize the most appropriate capital sources for your balance sheet.

We focus on making projects and businesses "bankable" to assure access to low cost capital.


Combining capital deployment with unique volumetric and price hedging means you can increase your investment IRR by up to 400 bps, all while decreasing your risk.  This strategy delivers a one-tailed profit distribution and ensures a higher ROE and/or more profitable exit.

Risk Transfer Implementation


We draw upon long standing relationships with sophisticated risk-takers who seek to offset their current risk portfolio.  These relationships, along with traditional price and volumetric counterparties, provide Quanto Capital  Partners the ability to ensure a client has the ability to incorporate the most custom, relevant, and economic hedging possible.  


Quanto Capital Partners can help our clients evaluate market price changes and provide updates, assess operational performance metrics, identify credit events, and assist with cash flow analysis, volume forecasting, accounting, invoicing and transaction confirmations.  

Building Investment Structures


Our financing solutions can be executed with risk profiles of clients anywhere on the  globe.  Our financial structures our most appropriately built in conjunction with using banking infrastructure to expand distribution.  Securitizations, monetizations, reinsurance, and simple bank facilities (long and short term securities) are valuable packaging mechanisms Quanto Capital Partners uses when constructing investment vehicles for clients.  Some structures are client specific and others give investors desired exposure to a risk-return profile.   

Mergers & Acquisitions


Quanto Capital Partners leverages from long-standing relationships and a unique experience and skill set to target assets or companies.  We efficiently filter opportunities to assure a higher than normal execution rate on asset acquisitions and divestitures, and when combined with our risk mitigation packages, deliver higher than average market returns.  We proactively apply the most efficient and relevant risk management methods along with our backgrounds of corporate development, origination, banking, and commodity trading experience to more accurately quantify and mitigate commodity-based risks.

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