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Quanto Capital Partners brings years of experience in value-enhancing skills to your organization. 
John Polasek is the founder and leader of the organization and introduces strategic partners to a client's project based on requirements.  He is a hedging and banking executive who brings nearly 25 years of experience in the commodity hedging, investment and financing arena to our clients.  He is widely known as a visionary and leader during his career at Bank of America, Bear Stearns, and JP Morgan with an extensive list of senior, industry contacts.  He has brought forth multiple first of their kind transactions such as water contingent oil swaps to hydroelectric producers in South America.  He executed one of the first revenue hedges for the US wind industry in 2000.  He has helped raise capital for multiple clients and has developed new products all over the world to manage basis risk and swing demand, increased revenues via corporate promotional structures, and produced investment securities related to commodities and climate.
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