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The path to greater success

Enhance Profits. Reduce Risk. Capitalize.

Our Mission
Quanto Capital Partner's mission is to deliver superior financial products and services to the global energy and agriculture markets, municipalities, financial institutions, and, in some instances, residential and commercial clients.  We always tailor our services to fit the specific needs of each client and/or investor.
We always have as a cornerstone of our mission that while we strive to offer each project and client superior financial returns through our advice and/or structures; we do so in a manner that promotes conservation within the environment.  
As part of our mission, the structures we provide must always offer incremental value and sometimes offer the critical accretive value to allow a project to move forward. 
About Us
Quanto Capital Partners leverages long-standing strategic relationships with capital sources, risk mitigation providers, and its experience with multiple commodities and global markets to provide customized capital and risk management solutions that utilize the best attributes of the banking, infrastructure, project finance, and insurance markets.  
A central tenant of our business model is to have a bench of strong partners that we can work with to deliver an optimal solution.  We always seek partners with superior cost saving and execution capabilities. 
While Quanto Capital Partners is focused on risk analysis, structuring and consulting services; the ultimate goal is to bring lower cost capital with superior return prospects to the project or client seeking assistance.
  • Assess Business Risk
  • Structure and Design Risk Management Solutions
  • Implement Structured Hedging or Monetization Solutions
  • Deliver Capital Investment coupled with Our Unique Risk Management Solutions 
  • ​Perform Merger and Acquisition Analysis
  • Build Structured Investment Securities for Investors
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